Our Steaks

The Best Steak in London

That’s what we believe anyway, and our diners seem to agree. The empty plates, wide smiles and familiar faces tell us that we are doing something right.

Is it our state of the art Synergy grill that makes us the best steak restaurant in London? Or perhaps or is it that we only use the best Scottish black gold or Aberdeen Angus to ensure really succulent beef. Or is it simply that chef Nate Brewster is a master at his art?

Well, we like to think it’s all three.

The high-heat Synergy grill cooks our grill items over charcoal for a taste that is unsurpassed. Moisture is pushed back into the meat meaning that all our meats are juicy, succulent and tasty, even when well-done.

And all of that delivers you the best steak in London.

Steak Restaurants in London

Steak restaurants in London are enjoying a real resurgence. Recent openings have shown us that there is so much more to steak than a ‘steak house’ would have you believe – restaurants specialising in locally sourced beef, selected by the cut, cooked on specialist equipment began to open across London, satisfying our hunger for exquisite steak, simply prepared.

Steak Restaurant London - Nate Brewster - Boyds Grill and Wine Bar
Steak Restaurant London - Red Wine - Boyds Grill and Wine Bar

And so it’s with no small measure of excitement that Boyds Bar & Grill opened – to stake our claim as one of the best steak restaurants in London.

So far we couldn’t be happier with the reviews.

As you’d expect from serious steak enthusiasts, all of our cuts are 28 day dry-aged prior to cooking. Dry-aging takes longer, but results in a far more tender and flavoursome cut of meat.

What makes this London steak restaurant Different?

We serve Scottish Black Gold beef, both rib eye and fillet, with both cuts already gaining some seriously favourable reviews in the press.

Another thing that sets Boyds apart from other steak restaurants in London is the beautiful decor with marble walls, grand chandeliers and beautiful copper top bars mixed with a relaxed atmosphere.