Trafalgar Square Christmas lights & cured meats!

Trafalgar Square Christmas lights & cured meats!


?“On the first day of Christmas Boyds gave to me, a complimentary cured meat plate to eat.”?

December is nearly here which means most lights have been switched on around London. Trafalgar Square Christmas lights will be the last to be switched on, on the 1st of December.

We might be biased but we think that the best way to celebrate the beginning of December is to join in the festivities, to say thank you to the mayor of Oslo for gifting us our tree. This is a tradition that goes back to 1947 as a token of gratitude for the British support of Norway during the Second World War. The tree even has it’s own Twitter account!

Join us in Boyds afterwards to warm up with a bottle of red and we will give you a plate of British cured meats, completely on us!

Can’t make it that evening? The offer is available from Monday-Friday between 7pm and 9pm with any bottle of wine.