Beefeater Gin experience insight

Beefeater Gin experience insight

On Tuesday 12th June we hosted a Gin discovery event here at our restaurant near Charing Cross station and Embankment. Guests were greeted with ‘the perfect G&T’ by our host for the evening, Michael the UK’s Beefeater ambassador.

According to him, the perfect Gin and tonic has both lemon and orange. The lemon creates the crispness whilst the orange supplies the sweetness.

Michael took guests on a journey, starting with a sensory experience where guests could touch and smell real botanicals and explained what their job was and how each is cultivated.

Beefeater is made up of; Juniper, angelica root and seed, coriander seed, almonds, orange skin, liquorice and orris.

The most fascinating part of the evening was the Gin history lesson, which was both funny and interesting.

“In 1725 a Gin craze started in England and one third of houses where making their own Gin. This could range from anywhere between 20% proof to 60% and the people of England were drinking on average around two litres a week.”

According to Michael in those days a pint of Gin was cheaper than a pint of lager.

“The problem with alcohol history is that everyone was drunk at the time.”

Boards with a selection of our British cured meats from our supplier James Swift, down at Trealy Farm, were enjoyed by all.

Guests tasted both the original Beefeater and Beefeater 24 (called so because it is brewed in 24 hours) and noticed a huge difference in strength. Beefeater 24 contains 3 more botanicals; Japanese sencha tea, Chinese green tea and grapefruit peel, giving a distinguished taste.

To round off the experience at our Kitchen Bar, guests had a Gin martini before finishing their evening with main course and dessert in Boyds restaurant.


Guests shared their experience:

“Having the dinner as part of the evening is great because you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere else to go to eat or getting a reservation. All round a great evening and we really enjoyed it.”

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