“Yes, you read that right. A bar. For ice cream. Oh my days. Chef Nate Brewster created masterful ice cream concoctions in front of our eyes”

“Yes, you read that right. A bar. For ice cream. Oh my days. Chef Nate Brewster created masterful ice cream concoctions in front of our eyes”

Yesterday, we popped along to the launch of Boyds Grill & Wine Bar, a stunning bar and restaurant just off Trafalgar Square in London. Splendour and sparkle abound in this gorgeous setting – from the glittering chandeliers, to the delicious NYE Timber sparkling wine. Boyds Grill & Wine Bar is aiming to provide contemporary dining in a historic interior – and we reckon they’re nailing it. Read our full review below.

Boyds Grill & Wine Bar, London


There’s no denying it – Boyds is swanky. You swish into the entrance through revolving doors, greeted by its soaring ceilings and marble interior. It’s not intimidating though – more like stepping off the busy streets and into the gentle elegance of the Gatsby era – the soft lighting and comfy leather seats made us feel instantly welcome. And let’s be honest, you can’t beat perching at a fully-stocked cocktail bar, with bottles reflecting off the brilliantly-polished copper surfaces, having a good gossip with a friend. It definitely made us feel very fancy, in all the right ways!

Any fears that Boyds might have a gentleman’s club vibe were quickly banished. The staff were warm and welcoming, and we even had the pleasure of meeting the elegant Charles Boyd himself – understated and smiling, and happily pouring us more sparkling wine (which made him an instant hit with us, of course).

Boyds Grill & Wine Bar cheeses


Boyds Grill & Wine Bar prides itself on using local suppliers and seasonal produce. We spoke the producers and got to try their delicious fare – from melt-in-the-mouth cheeses, to spicy salamis. We even tested our tastebuds with some unusual vegetables, including salty sea greens. The producers are all clearly passionate about their food and Boyds have put a lot of thought into their seasonal menus.

There’s something to please everyone – whether you want a relaxed, top quality steak dinner or a post-work drink and a some tasty tapas. Our top ‘small plate’ recommendation is the piping-hot seafood goujons with curried hollandaise.

Boyds Grill & Wine Bar - food menu


Whatever your favourite tipple, Boyds will have it. From talented cocktail mixers to NYE Timber English sparkling wine, which easily matched any top champagne we’ve tried. Expert sommeliers are on hand to advise on the impressive wine cellar, making you feel informed without patronised, which is a skill in itself.

Boyds cocktail bar


Yes, you read that right. A bar. For ice cream. Oh my days. Chef Nate Brewster and his crew created masterful ice cream concoctions in front of our eyes – quickly convincing us to give sweetcorn ice cream a go (although we were less keen on the feta and parmesan flavours).

Their party piece is ‘Dragon’s Breath’ – no, not a comment on their clientele’s hygiene – but an innovative palate cleanser. Tiny, minty meringues are dipped in liquid nitrogen – as you bite into them the cold smoke pours out of your nose and mouth. There’s a bit of a knack to it, but it’s a pretty cool party trick.

Boyds Grill & Wine Bar Ice Cream flavours


If you’re looking for somewhere in London with a fab atmosphere and delicious food, we’d recommend giving Boyds Grill & Wine Bar a try.

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